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I was born into the Catholic faith. At 14, I was "born again" and found Jesus personally but lost His Church. After thirty years as an evangelical protestant, I have come full circle to find that He has been there all the time, in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. I wish others to find the beauty and truth of the Catholic faith as I have found.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Breast Cancer and Oral Contraceptives

This is a study from the Mayo Clinic recently published but not publicized!

A meta-analysis was performed on 34 previous studies looking at oral contraceptives and a link to breast cancer. The conclusion was that there is definitely an increased risk of pre-menopausal breast cancer in women taking estrogen containing oral contraceptives, particularly if they took them before their first child. This is not a small statistical aberration from one small study. A meta-analysis carries much statistical power due to the large numbers of patients that are collectively studied. So, why isn't this being widely reported in the media at the same time that there has been an explosion of breast cancer in younger women in our country? Is there anyone out there who does not know of several friends or acquaintances that have been diagnosed with breast cancer? Even within the medical community, there has not been much made of these findings. As Pro-life Christians, we are obligated to protect the lives of women, even after they are born! Please feel free to share this study with as many young people as you know.

While I am blogging about Oral Contraceptives, some of our brethren in the evangelical community have been drawing some pretty "Catholic conclusions" regarding birth control. Albert Mohler PhD. has stated that evangelical Christians must rethink the "contraceptive mentality."

..."we should look closely at the Catholic moral argument as found in Humanae Vitae. Evangelicals will find themselves in surprising agreement with much of the encyclical's argument. As the Pope warned, widespread use of the Pill has led to "serious consequences" including marital infidelity and rampant sexual immorality. In reality, the Pill allowed a near-total abandonment of Christian sexual morality in the larger culture. Once the sex act was severed from the likelihood of childbearing, the traditional structure of sexual morality collapsed."


Blogger St. Jimbob of the Apokalypse said...

I wonder, if someone could instigate a re-issue of Humanae Vitae, and make it an obedience for clergy to preach it. Clergy today are even more brazen in their dissent from the Magisterium on many of these issues.

November 07, 2006 11:24 PM  
Blogger Bekah said...

Ever since it was first publicized that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) increases breast cancer risk, I've thought it only logical that hormonal contraceptives do, too. There isn't that much difference between the two. But this is a taboo subject in the media. No one can possibly assail the sacraments of the culture of death and be taken seriously.

November 08, 2006 10:51 AM  
Blogger Tiber Jumper said...

Yes it is strange that despite very undeniable evidence, the culture finds it acceptable to endanger the lives of an entire generation of women since the 60's.
The only way this is going to get traction in the mainstream media and culture of death is when the litigation attorneys begin to go after the pharmaceutical industry in class action suits as we saw in the tobacco industry. Doctors will start getting sued as well, (even more than usual).
In my practice of medicine and geriatrics(even before the findings regarding HRT with increased cancer and heart disease were finalized), I never felt comfortable with long term use of HRT in my older folks because it just seemed "unnatural" to continue to bathe the body with a hormone that was designed to dwindle as we age.
It is sad that an entire generation is willing to trade what they perceive as reproductive freedom for the freedom to live a long and cancer-free life.
Women's rights groups should be all over this, but it probably won't happen. Lord have mercy on us.

November 08, 2006 4:01 PM  
Blogger Adoro Te Devote said...

It's stuff like this that makes me think I SHOULD look seriously into the joint M.A. Catholic Studies/ Law degree program at the school I applied to. It's not too late....I can take the LSAT and be accepted to the Law portion by next fall....

The more I look at our culture and the deceptions, the more I realize that someone with even half a brain should be practicing law with an understanding of the 10 Commandments in mind as a basis.

Um..I'm not saying I'm that person, but sometimes, I'd like to be.

This stuff ticks me off and makes me cry.

November 09, 2006 10:49 PM  
Blogger Adoro Te Devote said...

Oh,, just another comment:

"Women's rights" groups are not about "women's rights". They are typically about Planned Parenthood's lack of rights unlawfully and deceitfully inflicted upon the rest of us.

I'm a woman, and those groups sure as hell don't represent me.

Sorry...I'm a firecracker tonight.

November 09, 2006 10:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so happy you wrote about this topic.

I reverted to the Church after being away 27 years. I am a research guru and studied Greek & Hebrew and spent many hours studying the scriptures, studying about Calvin, Wesley, you name the evangelical teacher / religion and I studied them - in order to do God's Will.

Sometimes we used birth control in our 27 years of marriage. What a mess it made in our lives..

In the midst of our 27 years, we agreed with homeschool big-whig leaders who believe "Only God can open and close the womb."


Using NFP is a form of birth control they taught us.

And worse, we belonged to the name it-claim it group of folks.

BTW - I am so sorry to hear about what you experienced with your first wife - what a heart breaking story... I can't help but wonder how many other people are terribly suffering under the erroneous teaching of evangelical charismatic religion.)

TB, my husband and I have 3 children. I experienced 12 miscarriages, as a result of not believing in NFP and believing in the name it claim it group. 12! I had 15 children! 15.

In 2002, I gave birth to one surviving full term twin, who was diagnosed with Trisomy 13 during my labor..what a tragedy.. she lived for 18 days.

She was born in a Catholic hospital. The Drs. wanted to put her on DNR, but with no substantial facts. I contacted a priest to get the Pope's opinion on such matters. (She was baptized.)

I asked him:
Do you believe in birth control?

My intution wasn't satisfied with his answer.

Later on his answer was YES.

I threw out his opinion on DNR.

In my mind I was so mean to him. I was an arrogant pharisee..knowing more than this priest...

Going back to your topic of the Pill and immorality. I'm just so glad that you had the courage to write about this topic - it's probably more natural for you to discuss this topic since you're a Doctor.

I'm not a Dr. but I can say that I frequently confessed to the priest that in my thoughts I felt like I was addicted to pornography.. as a result of believing in birth control. (I told this to my husband, but he wasn't offended.) It was a difficult battle to overcome, but it was overcome in frequently receiving the most Holy Sacraments. I am more free today than I ever was as a born-again Christian for 27 years.

Again, thanks for having the Courage to share the truth.

November 16, 2006 1:24 AM  

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