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Saturday, January 16, 2010

More Good News from Haiti

Tom Kardish our team leader from the November 2009 trip just passed this on:

Great news - please forward .
Received word from Fr Andrew directly! As some of us thought/feared he was saying Mass when the earthquake hit - at the consecration! Contrary to earlier reports rectory and church intact; security walls down; fr andrew still sleeping in his car. all the people we know survived and fr andrew has sent them to the countryside. he does not have access to internet much if at all; phones are very sporadic.

The community of St Jude parish has been totally destroyed and is littered with dead bodies. Fr Andrew has been a one man medical clinic at the church during the day (thankfully he has some supplies from our leftovers) and the rectory grounds are full of refugees and members of the filipino community. his fellow missionaries are in fact at the formation house. He says he doesn't know where to begin.

I let him know he is in our prayers, and to let us know what (medical/construction) he needs us to do and when and we will be there. Thanks so much for all your interest support and prayers.

I am sure you are all overjoyed as am I.


Blogger truthfinder said...

Overjoyed, yes! Praise God!

January 16, 2010 7:51 PM  

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