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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Report From Port-Au-Prince

Here is a note from the folks at Matthew 25 House, a hospitality/logistics center for missionaries in Haiti. It was the folks from Matthew 25 who first put us in touch with Fr. Andrew's parish where we run our medical clinic. I want to point out that Sr. Mary in the letter below is a 78 year old American nun who "retired" to spend the rest of her days as a missionary in Haiti.

"We are all OK physically at the house, including Domond and family and Vivienne Haitian. Have not heard from Ricardo. We were home when it hit. The house stood up well, does not appear to be any serious structural damage.downstairs, but upstairs is pretty bad, unusable as a matter of fact.

Matt 25 cooked up 4 big pots of soup for the people coming for treatment, and served as a triage and treatment center. We were able to climb over the fallen bookcases and shelves and retrieve a lot of meds and supplies we had in our depot

Sr Mary, Vivian and our 6 guests performed superbly in treating many injured. Eventually, 3 Haitian doctors showed up, I think when they heard we had supplies.

Worked till about two in the morning. We were also one of the few houses to have power with our inverters and batteries, so we set up 3 o4 4 lights on the soccer field to help with the treatment.

The hospitals are either badly damaged or destroyed, and have stopped taking patients as they are overwhelmed.

Pray for our sisters and brothers.

Pat, Viv, Sr. Mary"


Anonymous Owen said...

I just learned the Arch Bishop perished. Prayers for he and for a who have died.,2933,582942,00.html

As you said yesterday, one wonders how much more the people of this nation can bear.

With your close involvement with P-au-P I am sure your heart is breaking.

January 13, 2010 12:26 PM  

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