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I was born into the Catholic faith. At 14, I was "born again" and found Jesus personally but lost His Church. After thirty years as an evangelical protestant, I have come full circle to find that He has been there all the time, in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. I wish others to find the beauty and truth of the Catholic faith as I have found.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Hiatus For Lent

Every year I try to get away from the net a bit during Lent so I won't be facebooking or blogging much.
Keep in touch though. If you need me, you know how to get a hold of me, via e mail, which I will be checking.
If any of my readers are in the southeastern PA, consider coming to a benefit concert for Haiti at Our Lady of Lourdes, in New Holland, PA. The show will start with my wife and I sharing our conversion story followed by  the concert. I will be bringing  lot's of instruments, guitars, dulicmer, banjo, autoharp and other stringed stuff. Should be fun, c'mon out if you can.   7 PM on March 26th.

God bless your Lent, may you grow closer to Him.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A question for your return;
I recently met an older couple who have been married for over twenty years. One is Catholic, the other is Anglican.

How can that work??

March 20, 2011 7:06 PM  
Blogger gutenberg'sbible said...

Q. 1039. What are the conditions upon which the Church will permit a Catholic to marry one who is not a Catholic?
A. The conditions upon which the Church will permit a Catholic to marry one who is not a Catholic are: (1) That the Catholic be allowed the free exercise of his or her religion; (2) that the Catholic shall try by teaching and good example to lead the one who is not a Catholic to embrace the true faith; (3) that all the children born of the marriage shall be brought up in the Catholic religion. The marriage ceremony must not be repeated before a heretical minister. Without these promises, the Church will not consent to a mixed marriage, and if the Church does not consent the marriage is unlawful.
From the baltimore catechism.
The Church allows mixed marriages as long as the guidelines above are followed.

March 20, 2011 7:46 PM  

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