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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Multi-Track Recording With iPad

    The technology that is out there for digital recording is amazing to me. I found an app for $9.99 called MultitrackDAW (digital audio work station) that allows you to record up to 8 tracks of sound on sound on your iPhone and/or iPad. You can even record more than one track a time if you have the appropriate interface. You can upgrade for a total of 24 trks if you want for another $7.99.
     The first recording I did was with an acoustic Martin 00015S recorded just with the native iPad mic. I laid down a rhythm track then two additional lead tracks. I then used an Apogee Jam A/D converter adapter jack to plug the bass direct into the iPad and a Vericorder connector cord to record the harmonica. The Vericord is a high quality adapter that allows you to connect a three pin XLR mic to your ipad via the 1/8th inch input of the iphone or ipad and allows for simultaneous monitoring from a 1/8th inch jack that you plug your phones into to listen as you record. The rhythm track is me tapping on the face of the guitar. You can hear the early autumn nighttime crickets in the background.
   Even if you don't have the fancy adapter interfaces (Vericorder cord or Apogee Jam, etc) you can still make excellent quality recordings through the on board ipad mic. Just think, this app gives you way more capability than the Beatles had when they did Sgt. Pepper (kinda embarrassing that we have all this technology and still can't match the quality and creativity of Sir George Martin and the Fab Four using only a four track tape!)
  Special Thanks to Jeff Geerling who has done the best product reviews on the net regarding input devices/ adapters for mobile recording with iphone/pad technology. He also runs the website for the Archdiocese of Saint Louis and is a "techno-evangelist" for the Catholic faith!


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