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Monday, May 12, 2014

Black Mass Canceled at Harvard Tonight-Hate Speech is Ok If Only Directed at Catholics

                                             Anglican and Harvard President Drew Faust

I am thankful that the Harvard Extension School's Cultural Studies Club decided to not host the Black Mass on Harvard property and ultimately the event was canceled by the Satan's Temple. I am saddened however, that the president of Harvard, Drew Faust, did not give the order to cancel the event. Free speech was more important to her than tolerance for a religion held by many students, teachers and alumni of Harvard. Though Faust found the hosting of the Black Mass abhorrent, she would not cancel it: "Nevertheless, consistent with the University’s commitment to free expression, including expression that may deeply offend us, the decision to proceed is and will remain theirs(the Harvard Extension School)."
      So why is intolerance and hate speech (which is what the Black Mass is) acceptable when only Catholics are offended? A parody and mocking of a reading of the Koran by Harvard's Extension School would have never been allowed and would have sparked violent protest across Boston and the world. But it's ok with University President Faust to let the "abhorrent" show go on to prove her support of "vigorous and open discussion and debate in the pursuit of knowledge." This once again proves Anglican Professor Phillip Jenkin's point that Anti-Catholicism is truly "the last acceptable prejudice in America."
      I just have to wonder if President Faust received phone calls from many Catholic Harvard Alumni who decided to withold their contribution this year, would she still feel as strongly about the importance of upholding "open discussion and debate?"


Blogger The Autistic Catholic said...

When I heard the name "Drew Faust", I though it must be a pseudonym for one of the people taking part. Given her attitude towards it, she may as well have been.

May 13, 2014 6:15 AM  

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