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Thursday, May 08, 2014

Harvard Hosts Black Mass By Satanists

On May 12th, Harvard University, founded as a university to train pastors, will be hosting a Black Mass.
Does anyone ever wonder why satanists don't have "black" praise and worship sessions or "black" bible studies or "black" fellowship meetings?  The fact that satanists choose to attack and desecrate the Mass makes me think that the devil knows where his real opposition is. If the mass is a powerless empty ritual of a "works-based dead religion", why bother? Or in the words of Catholic writer Flannery O' Connor - "if it's just a symbol, the hell with it " (in response to a Protestant dinner guest's statement about the Eucharist)


Anonymous Nancy said...

It's still not really clear whether these are genuine satanists or just some punks doing this as a publicity stunt. From what I've read, it sounds more like they are atheists who have a beef against religion than real satanists, though they have a peculiar way of expressing it.

If it's the latter, pray for them, because they honestly don't know what they're opening themselves up to. You play with (hell)fire, you're liable to get burned in dangerous ways.

May 08, 2014 8:27 AM  

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