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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Heart Beat of God, a Story of John

Chapter 1
The Apostle John, one of the original disciples of Jesus was nearing the end of his life. Being the youngest of the twelve, he had now out-lived all the other disciples. He also lived with Mary, the Mother of his Lord for a time in Ephesus caring for her as his own and they often recounted the events that changed their life. Later, as an old man, he was exiled to Patmos where Jesus gave him the revelation which over 200 years later became the last book to close the canon of Sacred Scripture.

As old as he was, his mind was still sharp and he could recall in detail each moment spent with his friend and Savior. The stories, the parables, the miracles and Jesus final days in Jerusalem were as real to him as if they had just happened. He remembered what it was like to lay his head on Jesus breast at the Last Passover they shared together. Some nights he would awaken from a dream thinking he could still hear the heartbeat of God, only to realize it was his own. A bittersweet longing would come over him as he realized that he would soon be able to once again lean his head on his friend and savior at the great marriage feast of the Lamb. Despite the rumors that circulated after the resurrection regarding his immortality(Jn 21:23), John always knew that this time would come.

He had spent his life preaching, teaching and discipling others in the ways and words of His friend and Master. As a result, he attracted a group of dedicated believers who hung on his every word as he shared the truths the Savior entrusted to him. Two of John's disciples, Ignatius and the younger, Polycarp, were captivated by the teachings that John shared with them and came to love Jesus very much. They were committed to spreading his teachings with the same fervor that John had. Ignatius couldn't remember the event, but was told he was the infant that Jesus lifted on his knee when the mothers brought their children to him for a blessing.

In the year of 100 AD, the apostle John, "the one who Jesus loved", finally breathed his last and once again joined his friend and savior.

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Blogger Joyful Catholics said...

I am now most eagerly awaiting Chap 2. This starts out like my Good Friday Vignette, Our Lady's Passion, about John and Mary and their bond as "Mother & son"'s so uncanny how we seem to end up on the same page, TJ.


April 24, 2007 7:10 PM  

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