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Monday, January 18, 2010

Report from Port-Au-Prince

Jacqueline has been my translator for the past 2 trips to Haiti. I reached him by e mail and this was his response today:

Thank you in advance Russ. Whatever you can do for a person in Haiti right now would count for a million. In Port au Prince right now, there is no rich people. Everyone's hurt and we are in the same bold pack. Let me tell you for now, I have nothing in my apartment we can call food or money. We ran out of food since last weekend, This morning My sister woke me up at 7am and told me that we no longer have gas in the tank to run the stove. We have no water, nor soap. We are out of everything.

Most of the offices are destroyed. The ones that are not are still closed. The street is smelly, i am so afraid getting on the streets. Everyone is complaining of hunger. There are a lot of help but only young man who are strong and can fight are able to get some. Lots of people are heading to their countrysides which is the best thing they can do. Communication is very difficult, the price for food and all products are doubled.

Coming in Haiti with a group of mission is not a good idea for now. Maybe by March, I would suggest. But I would also suggest you discuss that with Fr. Andrew and some other folks to see what's possible.

As for myself, Food, water and money are my priorities....


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