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Monday, April 02, 2007

A Practical Example of the Communion of Saints

A nun from France recently gave testimony to a physical healing from Parkinsonism as a result of her community's prayers to John Paul 2 after he had died. They asked John Paul to pray to Jesus for healing for her knowing he could be very effectual in his prayers since he himself suffered greatly from Parkinsonism . When we go through hard times, we seek out those to intercede for us who have experienced similar circumstances knowing and believing their prayers will be efficacious for us.
When we recite the Creed that states "we believe in the communion of Saints" we are affirming this very concept that John the Revelator saw in his visions of the prayers of the saints being poured out before the throne of God. Since the days of the early Church, the prayers of the "those who have gone before" have been sought by the believers still left on this side of eternity.
Do Catholics believe that John Paul had the power to heal this women? No, that would be attributing divinity to John Paul which would be idolatry. The Olde English meaning of "pray" is to ask something of someone, not to worship or exalt them. For instance:
"I pray thee, Pope John Paul, while you stand before the throne of God, do remember me to the Father."
There is much rejoicing and thankfulness given to God for the prayers that he answers through the intercession of his saints, and it's not wrong to then express thanks to the person who prayed for you, even if they have "gone before us marked with the sign of faith."

To read the sister's whole testimony of healing click here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is wonderful that the Catholic Church teaches and encourages us, her children, to pray to the Saints. We can talk to and ask favors of the holy people who have gone before us to ask God to help us. Just as when I ask my friends in this world to pray for me, so can I ask the Saints in Heaven to pray for me. It is encouraging that John Paul II appears to be interceding for the French Nun--"The prayers of a Righteous Man . . . ". God Bless our Church and all her Children during this holy week.

April 05, 2007 1:54 PM  

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