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Friday, March 14, 2008

Ultrasound Saves a Life

Prodigal Daughter just spent her vacation week learning how to do ultrasounds for the purpose of volunteering at our local chapter of Care Net Pregnancy
Care Net is a Christian non-profit organization dedicated to supporting pregnant women including housing, counseling and referrals. Please take the time to read her story below.

"This week I have had the privilege of learning to perform ultrasounds
on pregnant women at Care Net Pregnancy Center's new office in
Wescosville, PA. I would like to relay an amazing story which I am
told is not at all a rare occurrence for pregnancy centers which use
ultrasound machines as part of their ministry.

Care Net received a call from a young woman I'll call her (Theresa)
who said that she went to Planned Parenthood two weeks ago for a
pregnancy test. When the test was positive, PP gave her information
about abortion and no other alternatives. She heard from friends that
Care Net would counsel her about other options.

When Care Net received the call from Theresa, they told her that she
could come in for a free ultrasound and they would talk to her about
alternatives to abortion. When Theresa and her boyfriend arrived, we
brought her into the ultrasound room alone. After getting her set up
for the procedure, she began to open up to us about how her boyfriend
wanted her to have an abortion and she was sure that when her parents
found out they would pressure her to do the same. As I began to scan
her uterus, we talked to her about what she was seeing on the screen
"There are your baby's arms and legs." We took out a small plastic
baby model and laid it on her belly to show her how the baby was lying
in her womb. She began to ask questions and her fearful looks turned
to smiles. As I turned the probe slightly, the screen revealed the
baby's heartbeat. "Do you see the fluttering I asked?" "Is that my
baby's heartbeat?" Theresa questioned with excitement. My own heart
melted as I watched her fall in love with her baby. After several
minutes, we invited her boyfriend to come in the room and see the
ultrasound. He wasn't smiling when he walked up to the exam table.
Almost immediately Theresa's eyes went from the screen to her
boyfriends face as she watched his reaction to the new life on the
screen. I could see the hope in her eyes as she looked at him and the
joy on her face as she began to see his expression turn from one of
fear and doubt to one of love and joy. Another technician went
through a similar description of the baby with Theresa's boyfriend and
within minutes he was smiling at the amazing images before him.

To make a long story short, Theresa and her boyfriend left that day
having decided not to abort their child. Of course they will have
obstacles to overcome, but I have little doubt that Care Net's free
ultrasound saved their baby's life. In fact 9 out of 10 women will
choose life after seeing an ultrasound of their baby.

The story of how this week of training came about is a very
interesting one as well. The ultrasound machine was donated to Care
Net several years ago and it has taken them some time to gain the
funds to rent this office space and provide training. Now they have a
beautiful office on route 222 in Wescosville and have 5 nurses and 1
ultrasound tech willing to volunteer. They brought in a trainer this
week to teach us how to use the machine but as the week has gone on,
we all have come to realize that the 18 year old ultrasound machine is
not adequate for general use. Care Net's medical director has decided
that because of liability issues he cannot approve us for ultrasounds
until Care Net has a fully functioning ultrasound machine.

That's where you come in. A new ultrasound machine costs anywhere
from $20,000 - $30,000. One person has already given Care Net a check
for $4,000. If you could help out in any way it would be greatly
appreciated. Your donation would of course be tax deductible and used
specifically for the purchase of the ultrasound machine.

Please send checks to:
Care Net Pregnancy Center
1034 Hamilton Street
Allentown, PA 18102
Write "Ultrasound Machine" in the memo section.

If you are praying for the abortion holocaust to end, this is a way of "putting feet on your prayers" and saving many lives. God bless you as you give.


Blogger MMajor Fan said...

Now THAT is a modern day charism. The charism is to reconnect people to the spirit and reality of life, and become a fruitful bearer of life rather than be a denier, or to be so aridly estranged from life as so many are nowadays. People have become increasingly estranged from life, even the life within their own bodies, both in pregnancy and in the potentiality of parenthood, and ultimately even in being only partly aware of their own life force reality. I hope the donations roll in for such a blessed cause. I have no money *moth flies out of wallet* but send millions of blessings.

March 14, 2008 9:17 PM  
Blogger WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

I would love to learn to do that. I have this-prbably mad-dream that I would set up a machine in our church hall just up the road from the abortion mill and be there for mother's to see their babies.

March 16, 2008 1:22 PM  

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