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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Memorable Week

What a week so far! March 31st was the 3rd anniversary of the legalized murder of Terry Schiavo and today is the3rd anniversary of the passing of the Late Great John Paul 2.

John Paul 2 was a strong advocate for the cause of life from conception to natural death and made a statement regarding nutrition and hydration in an effort to address the unfolding situation in Florida one year before Terry's murder by starvation meted out by the court system in Pinellas County, Florida. For more information on this, please check out this site and consider supporting their ministry.

I had come into the Catholic Church one year before Pope John Paul died. In that one year I had grown extremely fond of him and his writings. The day he died, I wept. I felt somehow connected to him as did millions across the planet.

This week, please remember to continue to pray for the forces in our country that seek to end the life of the disabled (cognitively and physically) in the name of "mercy."

I suspect John Paul 2's intercession before the throne in this regard will be especially efficacious as he certainly is a righteous man. (His canonization process is proceeding rapidly and miracles attributed to his intercession have already been documented.)

Pope John Paul 2, as we remember you on this day, we ask you to pray for this country and the lives of those who are viewed as valueless and disposable. You modeled redemptive suffering in your own life. Pray that we will understand this gift in our own lives and those who suffer around us. Pray for those who are no longer valued by society because of cognitive or physical disabilities , especially the frail elderly and those who can't speak for themselves. We ask this of you through the mercy and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

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Blogger Joyful Catholics said...

TJ, thanks for posting about Terri. I have thought of her, too. Terri, please pray for us, pray for our country, our laws, our Supreme Court, and our horrible concept of life, and the lack of religious values that show us what true life is, when it begins and when it is supposed to end.

Our knowledge of and belief in the sanctity of life has all but disappeared in this country, as was so evident in the "legalized murder" of your precious life and the babies lost to abortion daily. The elderly and disabled being killed in the PC language of letting them "die with dignity."

Papa JPII, we need your prayers for our priests, and seminarians for their call to holiness, and true abnegation to worldliness and materialism. That they will spend and consume themselves for souls as they pursue after the Lord with all their hearts. No matter the dark, difficult times they'll face, that hope and trust in Our Lady will see them through periods of loneliness heartache, doubt and frustration with their parishoners, and their responsibilities.

TJ, excellent. Thank you, bro for being the Catholic Christian you are in the medical field, where so much in the "name of science" is coming against what is sacred, true and holy. Be strong, courageous and "be not afraid."

As a friend of mine emailed me today, Col. David Farr said: "Susie, your note to John Paul reminds me of what happened to me before I converted to Catholicism. I referred to John PaulII as "JP Two", my wife Rosie, a cradle Catholic replied with, "David stop calling him JP2 as that stands for "Jet Petroleum Grade 2" my reply was.... "Well isn't John Paul loaded with fuel for the Soul? with that I got a kiss and have told the story many times."

Col. David Farr is a dear friend who I met online and via phone calls 2.5 years ago. He has lovely Mary tiles, 8x10 for sale that are just breathtaking! He's a retired Air Force Colonel. He's in his 80's and you'd never know it! If you'd like his email address to order a tile of Our Lady of Sorrows, come over to my blog and email me. I will post a picture of the tile on my blog post haste.

Happy still 50 days of Easter season. Another reason to BE CATHOLIC, the liturgical year! The feasts and holy days...there's nothing like it! No 12 piece band and jumbo-tron can compete with it!

April 02, 2008 8:58 PM  

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