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I was born into the Catholic faith. At 14, I was "born again" and found Jesus personally but lost His Church. After thirty years as an evangelical protestant, I have come full circle to find that He has been there all the time, in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. I wish others to find the beauty and truth of the Catholic faith as I have found.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

More Evangelicals Converting and Pentecost Sunday

I had lunch today with a Ph.D from Fordham University in theology who is ready to "cross the Tiber." He brought along his evangelical friend who is 3 courses away from a M.Div. from Westminster Theological Seminary. He too has begun to strengthen his 'swimming muscles' to Cross the Tiber. (Yeah everyone knows Catholicism is about working your way to heaven anyway, geeeesh do we have to go over that again?) Also in this very august group was a Catholic priest who started his journey as a protestant pre-seminary student at Wheaton who became convinced that Catholicism was the truth. He has become a great resource in our area for new converts and Catholic apologetics and was used by the Holy Spirit to bring these men back to Rome. My head started to spin as I heard them discuss soteriology, Pauline justification, church history and patristics. Their love for Jesus was very evident as I "audited" this discussion. I felt humbled when I realized what these men were giving up and had already given up for their pursuit of truth. I lost a few gigs as a Christian musician and some respect from my family, but not my job!

At any rate, three very bright men are risking loss of work and livelihood and personal and family relationships to pursue what they have found to be truth. Before my own conversion(reversion) , I had never heard of anybody ever converting to Catholicism but now it seems they are crawling out of the woodwork of that old Wittenberg door.
What a great way to celebrate Pentecost Sunday, the birthday of the Church! Happy Birthday Church! My prayers are with you my friends.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

watch "Journey Home" on EWTN - there are lots more of converts - praise the Lord!

July 06, 2006 6:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes ! Here ia a partial list of some of the converts interviewed on EWTN from 2001-2004. There are a total of 10 years of stories they have documented. No small move of God.

10/4/2004 Former Church of Christ Pastor w/ Bruce Sullivan/ 9/27/2004 Former Reformed minister & wife w/ Gerald & Jennifer Tritle / 9/20/2004 Former Pentecostal (Four Square) w/ Sr. Mary Rose Chinn / 9/13/2004 Former Presbyterian w/ Fr. Richard Barker / /9/6/2004 Convert from Judaism w/ Fr. Peter Sabbath / / 8/30/2004 Former priest, Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches w/ Michael Maturen / 8/23/2004 Role of St. Therese in "Therese" Former Evangelical Quaker w/ Lindsay Younce / 8/9/2004 Former Episcopalian w/ Karen Sadock / 8/3/2004 Former Atheist w/ Dr. Paul Thigpen / 7/26/2004 Former Baptist w/ Gary Hoge (his website) / 7/19/2004 Former Mormon w/ Deacon Steve Seever / 7/12/2004 Writer of the screenplay "Therese" w/ Patti Defilippis, Former Presbyterian (Movie Site) / 6/14/2004 Former Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist with Msgr. Stuart Swetland / 6/7/2004 Former Baptist with Stephen K. Ray (Website) / 5/24/2004 Former Lutheran with Carolyn Baber / 5/17/2004 Revert from the secular world with Fr. Terry Kraychuk (Canadian) / 5/10/2004 Former Jehovah's Witness with Dr. Jeffrey Schwehm / 5/3/2004 Former Episcopal priest with Ned South / 4/26/2004 Former Baptist minister with Dr. Deal Hudson, Editor of Crisis magazine / 4/19/2004 (Canadian) Former Anglican priest with Dr. Robert Stackpole / 4/12/2004 Nazarene Minister with Doug Gonzales / 4/5/2004 Former Presbyterian minister with Dr. Scott Hahn / 3/29/2004 Former atheist with Fr. Jay Scott Newman / 3/22/2004 Jewish convert with Deacon Michael Ross / 3/15/2004 (Canadian) Buddhist convert with Kim St. Maurice / 3/8/2004 Former Baptist minister with Jeffrey W. Bail / 3/1/2004 Former Lutheran minister with Noah Lett / 2/23/2004 Former Pentecostal minister with Dr. Robert Rice / 2/16/2004 Actor who plays G. K. Chesterton with JH England / 2/9/2004 Former Charismatic Episcopal priestwith Fr. Steven D. Anderson / 2/2/2004 Former Baptist with Dale Ahlquist /1/19/2004 Former Lutheran with Fr. Eric Nicolai / 1/12/04 Former Presbyterian with Avery Cardinal Dulles / 1/5/04 Open Line First Monday with Dr. Kenneth Howell / 12/22/03 Former Southern Baptist and Methodist ministers with Fr. Gray Bean & Gordon Sibley / 12/15/03 Former Anglican with Julie Waters / 12/8/03 Daughter of former Presbyterian minister with Stephanie Wood / 12/1/03 Former Lutheran with Tim Drake / 11/24/03 Former Anglican Priest with James Pinto / 11/10/03 Former Southern Baptist minister with Fr. Gray Bean / 11/3/03 Former Presbyterian with Mr. Jimmy Akin / 10/27/03 Former Dutch Reformed with Steven D. Greydanus / 10/20/03 Former Baptist with Petroc Wiley / 10/13/03 Former Atheist with Scott A. McDermott / 10/6/03 Open Line 1st Monday with Doug Keck / 9/29/03 Former Baptist with Pamela Hollins, MD / 9/22/03 The Journey Home from England with Antony Tyler / 9/15/03 Former Anglican with with Dr. Rob Rodgers / 9/8/03 Revert and Former Evangelical with Dr. Ray Guarendi / 8/25/03 Former cradle Methodist and Born Again Christian with Thomas A. Lisk / 8/18/03 Journey Home from England with Fr. Hugh Thwaites, S.J. / 8/4/03 Open Line with Mark Brumley / 7/28/03 Journey Home with Karen Koskoff / 7/21/03 Journey Home in England with Walter Hooper / 7/14/03 Criteria for Choosing a Church with Glen Allen / 7/7/03 Open Line with Steve Wood / 6/30/03 The Living Of Scripture with Nolan & Tracy Spenst former Mennonite Pastor / 6/23/03 The Oneness of God with Mark A. McNeil, Former Assemblies of God Pastor / 6/16/03 Journey Home pre-tape from England with William Oldie, Editor, Catholic Herald & Former Anglican clergyman / 6/9/03 Revert from Agnosticism with Anthony Rizzi / 6/2/03 Former Baptist with David B. Currie / 5/26/03 Former Lutheran minister w/ Fr. Richard John Neuhaus / 5/19/03 Journey Home in England with Fr. Ian Ker / 5/12/03 Who Said So? w/ Shawn Reeves/ 5/5/03 Open Line w/ Daniel Ali & Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ / 4/28/03 What it truly means to believe w/ Dr. Ross Porter / 4/14/03 The Power of Prayer w/ Paul Dupre / 4/7/03 Open Line Monday w/ Fr. James Garneau / 3/31/03 Centrality of God w/ Myron Moskowitz, Convert from Judaism /3/24/03 Holiness & the Sovereignty of God w/ Fr. William Thomas, Former Evangelical Reformed/ 3/17/03 Necessity of Conversion w/ James & Joanna Bogle / 3/10/03 Private Interpretation of Scripture w/ Pam Forrester, Former Evangelical Free / 3/3/03 Open Line Monday w/ Joseph Pearce, Former Anglican / 2/24/03 The Power of Prayer w/ Paul DuPre, Revert from Mormonism / 2/17/03 Former Buddhist Paul Williams (England) / 2/10/03 Knowing God with G. Gregory Hoza / 2/3/03 Open Line Monday with John Barger / 1/27/03 The Family of God w/ Fr. Mark Wood (former Southern Baptist) / 1/13/03 Mercy of the Real Presence w/ Carrie Allegretti / * 12/16/02 Verses I never Saw w/ Marcus Grodi - Host & Guest / 12/9/02 Minimalism: A Modern Theological Disease w/ David Mills (Former Episcopalian) / 12/2/02 Open Line Monday w/ Ken Hensley, (Former Baptist Minister) / 11/25/02 Former Southern Baptist w/ Lisa Militello / 11/18/02 The Path to Rome w/ Dwight Longnecker / 11/11/02 The Three C's: Conversion, Conscience and Compromise w/ Lord David Alton / 11/4/02 Former Baptist w/ Stephen Ray / 10/28/02 Rabbi Jesus: Messiah w/ Martin K. Barrack / 10/21/02 The Dark Ages w/ Rod Bennett / * 10/14/02 The Real Presence w/ Terry Meade / 10/7/02 Editor of "Lay Witness" w/ Leon J. Suprenant, Jr. / 9/30/02 The Sanctity of Marriage w/ Patricia Bainbridge / 9/23/02 What does it mean to be Catholic w/ Fr. Carleton P. Jones, OP / 9/16/02 Deep in History w/ Harry W. Crocker, III / 9/9/02 Visible Unity w/ Al Kresta / 8/26/02 Former UCC Minister w/ Larry Dimock / 8/19/02 Former Nominal Protestant w/ Dr. Paul Vitz / 8/12/02 In Remembrance of Me w/ Fr. Christopher G. Phillips / 8/5/02 Educational Researcher and Psycholgist w/ Dr. Richard Cross / 7/29/02 Knowing God through prayer w/ Fr. David Medow / 7/22/02 A Firm Foundation w/ Roy Maynard / 7/15/02 Former Lutheran w/ Timothy Drake / 7/8/02 Magisterial Authority w/ Fr. Rolf Tollefson / 7/1/02 July's Open Line First Monday with Shawn Dougherty / 6/24/02 Continuity & Unity with Mark Drogin / 6/17/02 Incarnational Church with Carl E. Olson / 6/10/02 What does it mean to believe? with Marty Franklin / 6/3/02 June's Open Line First Monday with Kimberly Hahn / 5/27/02 The Forgiveness of God with Daniel Ali / 5/20/02 Trust and Obey with Leland and Emily Ann McCullough / 5/13/02 Search for Intimacy with Jesus with Fr. Richard Delzingaro / 5/6/02 May's Open Line First Monday with Karl Keating / 4/22/02 Testing the Spirits of the 21st Century with Michelle Willis / 4/15/02 Channels of Mercy with Bill Rutland / 4/8/02 Former Charismatic Episcopal Minister with Michael Cumbie / 4/1/02 April's Open Line First Monday with Fr. Ray Ryland / 3/18/02 Former Baptist with Paul Jernberg / 3/11/02 Jewish Convert with Joni Seith / 2/18/02 Former Mormon with Dan Hadden / * 2/11/02 Dr. James White Sister's Conversion with Patty Bonds / 2/4/02 Open Line First Monday with Fr. Bryan Patterson / 1/28/02 Rapture Theology with Fr. Patrick Rohen / 1/14/02 Eternal Life with Sarang Honap / 1/7/02 Open Line First Monday with Dale Ahlquist / 12/31/01 The Rapture Trap with Paul Thigpen / * 12/17/01 To Know What You Believe and Why? with John Martignoni / 12/10/01 Too Many Voices with Dr. Paul Young / * 12/3/01 Open Line First Monday with Dr. Charles Spivak / 11/26/01 Mary, Queen of Peace with Dr. Chris Williams / 11/19/01 The Power of the Written Word with Joseph Pearce / 11/5/01 Open Line First Monday with Fr. Philip Anderson / 10/29/01 Christian Worldview with Cathy Duffy / * 10/22/01 Confusion to Clarity: Authentic Christian Tradition with Mark Gordon / 10/15/01 Active & Contemplative Life with Fr. Bryan Patterson / * 10/8/01 Origin of the Bible with Jim Anderson /

July 06, 2006 6:38 PM  

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