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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another Update From Father Andrew in Haiti

Things are still pretty bad in Delmas, Port-Au-Prince. The aid from the airport has yet to get to the community of St. Simon Jude, a mere 3 miles away. That is very disturbing, given what we have seen in the news regarding the amounts of aid flown in.

From Fr. Andrew:

We laid the good archbishop to rest today. the funeral service was very moving, in front of the ruined cathedral. Thousands of people and close to a hundred clergy, most of us standing in the sun, to pray together for this country.
What was more painful was the remains of the choir members trapped at the door. Their bodies haven't been recovered and can be visibly seen at the side-door of the cathedral.
Then I went to the UN base at the airport and blessed the remains of the wife a high ranking UN military personal. His wife and son were vacationing in Haiti.
There I was able to talk to the head of the UN responsible for relief operations. He promised me to visit the parish (this afternoon) or tomorrow to bring food and water. He was an American major, I told him we are now beyond medical intervention, people are need of food and water. I will pray that he will honor his promise to deliver food and water to the parish.
To those of you who visited the parish. The garbage site - future site of the clinic- is full of evacuees, I estimate about 1000 people in there. Then the school compound where we use to park our car - about 400 people, and further up the church, a football field with over a 1000 evacuees. So far, I was able to secure few bundles of drinking water. My resources are so limited. I bought drinking water for about 100 families and ordered 2 trucks of water for school-site.
At the rectory, I still have about 50 people. Most of them are now at the provinces. But these 50 people most probably will stay here till things are in order in the city. It may takes a long while though. Although, their presence at my rectory compound gives some sense of security.
There's no way we can access our banks at the moment. Some banks are suppose to open next week, but as foreigners we are a bit hesitant to go to the banks. Western Union and other money transfer offices opened 2 days ago, but the line could extends to miles away. It most catered Haitians with families abroad sending them money. These agencies could not afford to give out substantial amounts.
For now, keep praying for us.
Father Andrew


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